Putting Our Community-Centred Tools and Applications to Action

Volunteer Identification

With the CoRE Stack tools, we drive community-driven change by empowering volunteers from the grassroots, including those from the community, civil society organizations, partner organizations, nonprofits, and field fellows, to understand socio-ecological dynamics and act as stewards to build greater resilience and sustainability.

The CoRE Stack tools are intended to serve as a catalyst for sustainable landscape management through data. We equip volunteers with intuitive tools, allowing them to construct a comprehensive understanding of their landscapes through data-driven insights on crucial factors like soil type, water availability, topography, and land use.

Training and Use of Tools

How Volunteers make a difference in fostering inclusive and equitable planning and decision making processes at the local level:

Community Engagement in Action :  Volunteers engage with the community to understand key issues and use location-specific data and information for triggering conversations around issues of equity and fairness in access to natural resources such as groundwater, forests, and pastures. 

As volunteers actively participate and engage in resource mapping exercises, a visual representation of local natural resources will enhance awareness and collaborative planning. For example, activities like water budgeting enable them to delve into pressing concerns, such as depleting groundwater levels.

Our tool empowers volunteers to adopt a scientific approach in community engagement by offering impactful data-driven visualizations, specifically enhancing participatory activities like water budgeting. This enables volunteers to effectively communicate intricate data to communities as the  complex information is simplified, ensuring it is both accessible and actionable for both volunteers and the communities they collaborate with.

Shaping Community Narratives: Dedicated volunteers contribute significantly to shaping community narratives, participating in demand estimation, prioritization, and conducting technical assessments during Natural Resource Management (NRM) planning. The CoRE Stack tools leverage the power of data to empower volunteers, ensuring that their efforts lead to informed decision-making and sustainable community-driven development

GIS and AI Technologies in Play: Powered by cutting-edge GIS and AI technologies, our tools identify NRM work demands and facilitate informed discussions during planning stages. This ensures that development initiatives are grounded in data-driven insights, fostering sustainability and impact.

Government Engagement

Realizing the full potential of our transformative approach requires the active participation of key stakeholders, including government bodies, policymakers, NGOs, and local community leaders, to access relevant welfare schemes and programmes. By joining forces, we can collectively shape a brighter future for our communities.

The CoRE stack tools serve as a vital bridge for governments to establish  feedback loops with underrepresented citizens. This ensures a direct line of communication between community members and authorities, providing invaluable insights into the effectiveness of policies and services. Through continuous feedback, governments can adapt and enhance their initiatives, fostering a more responsive and citizen-centric administration.

The CoRE Stack is an innovative solution seamlessly blending technology with community-led approaches to foster transparency, inclusivity, and impactful outcomes. Through collaborative solution design with the community, we emphasize fair budget allocation and project prioritization in various welfare schemes, aligning seamlessly with local demands. This approach tailors our tools to address specific community needs while staying aligned with overarching government objectives.


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Design and Tools

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