Our Team

A collaborative effort towards success.

CORE Stack: Commoning for Resilience and Equality is a digital public good to empower communities to plan and manage their landscapes in a socio-ecological manner. Through our innovative participatory tech platforms, we foster community awareness of various pathways for resilience and development, promoting scientific decision-making and improved solidarity. We focus on strengthening community institutions to ensure equity and alignment along these pathways. Our commitment includes responsible AI practices, ethical considerations, and the use of open-source tools for transparent and accountable development. By enhancing understanding within communities and enabling them to manage natural resources, we contribute to a more sustainable, climate-resilient future with a focus on fairness, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability.

Research Partners

IIT Delhi

Contributing towards the development of machine learning classifiers for intra-annual LULC, remote-sensing-based monitoring of socio-economic development, temporal hydrological models for watershed planning​

IIT Palakkad

Mentoring the development of hydrological models for water stress diagnostics and management


Contributing towards putting up infrastructure and partnerships for LULC ground-truth data collection

BITS Pilani Hyderabad

Contributing towards development of commodity price forecasting models



RainMatter Foundation

Common Ground

Engineering and Product Development

Gram vaani

Contributing towards robust development of applications and infrastructure for the CoRE stack


Contributing towards products to strengthen farmer cooperatives and market linkages. 

Knowledge and grassroots implementation partners


Centre for Collective Development
Gram Vaani
Common Ground


Join Us in Achieving Our Vision of Building Community-Based Digital Public Tech Stacks

Through this network, we aim to build and utilise a robust and inclusive digital ecosystem that benefits communities.

Email us at: contact@core-stack.org