CoRE Stack

Establishing a Collaboration Network on Commoning Technologies for Resilience and Equality.

A network-based approach to scale

A suite of interoperable tools

Built on a shared

Collaborative and decentralized usage

Support community projects, make impact


An Alternative Vision of Tech Stacks for Communities

Designing stacks to be used and managed by communities to empower citizens, build resilience, and bring equality. This approach will ensure that the technologies are appropriate to the context, can be managed well, the goals are clear, and technologies are seen as enablers than a solution in themselves. [Read more]


Customisable tools


Curated Datasets


Network of Collaborators

Essential Goals Of The CoRE Stack:

Commoning for Resilience and Equality

Improved awareness of communities about various pathways for resilience and development.

Scientific correctness in decision-making related to natural resources and commons management.

Improved solidarity in communities to collectively pursue these pathways

Vitalised local community institutions to ensure equity and multi-stakeholder alignment along these pathways.​

Join Us in Achieving Our Vision for Community-Based Digital Public Tech Stacks

Our community-based digital infrastructure for public technology stacks is a collaborative effort involving a network of partners, including academic institutions, social enterprises, and civil society organisations. Use cases emerge from the communities, and we build tools that can be put in the hands of communities to empower themselves, rather than top-down tools meant for social control of communities. 

Through this network, we aim to build and utilize a robust and inclusive digital ecosystem that benefits everyone in the community.

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We’re On a Mission to Bring Big Changes.

Our bottom-up approach prioritises the community and strives to build awareness, sustainability and equity.